Fibreglass Mesh

Fibreglass Mesh

The company is a well-known Exporter, Importer and Supplier of Fibreglass Mesh in Dubai. The Sotex Fibreglass Mesh, or the Sotex Reinforcement Mesh, is a highly suitable engineering equipment used to reinforce cement with ease in the construction sector. The other materials that can be reinforced using the Fibreglass Mesh are wall materials, roofing, internal gypsum and external adhesive renders and this mesh is used for water proofing and tiling as well.

Features Of Fibreglass Mesh
  • Can be used to stabilize unstable surfaces, cover and help to prevent cracking.
  • Flexible lattice made from special woven glass fiber stands offering incredible strength when embedded into wet basecoat plaster or render
  • Available with different aperture and weights

Salient Features
  • Great compatibility with the major of plasters.
  • Light weight.
  • Economical : low cost material with little or no waste
  • Very durable glass mesh.
  • Easy to handle - Simple tools like scissor or knife to
    work with our mesh.
  • Safe - no sharp edges so no protective clothing require
  • Reliable strong tear resistance.
  • Good resistance to all the adverse climatic conditions

Product Range

Type SOTEX SX 5028 SOTEX SX 5010 SOTEX SX 5005 SOTEX SX 6372
Uses Use to reinforce Waterproofing and flooring, in places where low tear strength are sufficient. Use to reinforce exterior & interior render or plaster in places where high tear strength is required Use to reinforce EIFS, exterior & Interior wall Plaster Use to reinforce exterior & interior render or places where high tear strength is required.
Rolls 1m x 50m
Weight : 65g/m2
1m x 50m
Weight : 110g/m2
1m x 50m Weight : 145g/m2 1m x 50m Weight : 206g/m2
Mesh Aperture 2.8mm x 2.8mm 10mm x 10mm 5mm x 5mm 6.3mm x 7.2mm
Tensile strength Warp : 600N/5cm
Weft : 650N/5cm
1000N/5cm Weft : 1200N/5cm Warp : 1400N/5cm
Weft : 1700/5cm
Weft : 2200N/5cm